Introducing the Kakadu Plum

What are they

You may have heard of the Kakadu Plum before, but if not, we are here to tell you a little about this amazing fruit. Native to our very own Kakadu region in the Northern Territory of Australia, it has now spread its distribution over the whole of northern Australia. This boom in demand has set businesses all over Australia scrambling to get a piece of its action.

As with many things in Australia, the First Nations Australians have known about, and valued, this plant thousands of years before the west caught up. The inner bark of the plant itself can help treat skin conditions and sores, while the fruit itself was a great source of food.  

Meanwhile, western scientists have only caught up in the last 40 years, discovering the many amazing benefits of Kakadu Plum’s

What’s so great about them?

Did you know that Citrus fruits are known for their high concentration of vitamin C? Well, its time for them to step aside because the Kakadu Plum knocks them out of park with roughly 50 times more vitamin C. Out of all the fruit on the planet it is one of the richest sources of the vitamin which means it has more antioxidants to help protect your body and keep you healthy.

Not content with only protecting you from UV and pollutants, the Kakadu Plum also has other healing properties. Contained within its skin are anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can help with pain and keep your body healthy.

What does this mean for your skin?

That’s all great if you are hungry but what does it mean for your skin? When used in cosmetics, this natural Australian fruit works in overdrive to help revitalise your skin.  If you have read our post on Face Serums, **Link to post** then you will know that one of the benefits of Face Serums is the concentration of active ingredients, which help your skin glow and remain healthy.

When used in Face Serum’s and applied to your skin, the Kakadu Plum helps to stimulate the growth of collagen which:

  •         Improves the suppleness of the skin
  •         Increases skin elasticity
  •         Reduces potential for stretch marks
  •         Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  •         Provides anti-aging benefits

Just as eating the fruit provides the body with a wealth of Vitamin C, using it in a face serum gives these benefits directly to your skin. With the help of these Antioxidants your body:

  •         Reduce Sunspots
  •         Recover from sun exposure
  •         Aid in treatment of chronic UV exposure (sunburn)

And if you’re still sceptical about the benefits of the Kakadu Plum then the list goes on. Using it can also help:

  •         Skin Hydration
  •         Reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eye
  •         Reduce skin redness and irritation

Sounds great right? With all these amazing properties we couldn’t help but utilise it in our Hydration and anti-aging Face Serum.  We want to share the benefits of this amazing fruit with you, so why not share them with your skin? 

Written By Tom Pahlow

Etc Copywriting

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