Introducing the Quandong

What are they ?

In western NSW there is a fruit native to Australia that is praised for its many benefits and great taste. The Quandong. Also called the Kawantha, or Wild Peach, by the Ngiyampaa people. 

They are highly resistant to both drought and salinity, so they prosper in the far west of NSW where they grow wild. First Nations people have known about the benefits of Quandong for thousands of years while westerners are only just learning about it. 

What’s so great about them?

The little red fruit and the trees it sprouts from are highly sought after for many reasons. Their drought resistance makes them an amazing crop to grow with little upkeep needed. As a part of the Sandalwood family, their wood has traditionally been used to make bowls by First Nations people. 

The Fruit themselves, generally about 2cm in diameter, are packed with Vitamin C. They have twice the amount of Oranges. They also contain Vitamin E and other nutrients such as Magnesium, Calcium and are a valuable source of Iron and Zinc. With all these nutrients it's no surprise that they are popular in jams, chutneys and pies. When dried, it keeps for up to eight years!

Inside is the seed, or Kernel, and it has even more benefits. Containing complex oils, the Quandong Kernel is used in essential oils and has been shown to have anti-Inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 

Talk about a superfood!

What does this mean for your skin?

When the Quandong is used in skincare, it provides huge benefits. This native Australian skincare ingredient can help you by:

  • Providing Vitamin C: If you have read our post on the Benefits of Vitamin C  then you will know why it is great for your skin. For those that haven’t, Vitamin C is great for helping your skin like young, promoting Collagen growth, hydration and protection from free radicals. With twice as much as an Orange, the Quandong is an amazing source of Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin E and other Minerals: not content with just one Vitamin, the Quandong also contains Vitamin E which is a great partner for Vitamin C. Together they work to protect not only the surface layers of skin but can also help the deeper skin cells. 
  • The Quandong also contains Magnesium, Folate and Calcium which can help your skin maintain elasticity, fight off loose or fragile skin and keep your skin hydrated. 

  • Rutin: believed to help anti-aging, Rutin is another antioxidant that can keep your skin glowing, remain smooth and help neutralise free radicals. 
  • Phenolic Acid: rich in Phenolic acid, the Quandong has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These properties can help your skin fight off wrinkles, sunspots, colour pigmentation and undereye circles. 

  • The Quandong is an amazing little fruit born to the harshness of the Australian deserts. Jam packed with amazing benefits, we wanted to bring its revitalising powers to you and your skin. Check out our Face serum for acne and sensitive skin.


    Written by Tom Pahlow

    Etc Copywriting

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