Behind the Brand Of Banksia Cosmetics

Banksia cosmetics is a family-owned company born from the desire of connecting people to nature.
What better way to do it if not through our skin? 
The skin is the link between our souls and the outside world, and we believe it is in the very moment we start feeling comfortable in our own skin that a pure and happy relationship between nature and ourselves can flourish. 
Feeling good in our own skin, however, may not be easy to achieve, as there are many factors that may influence our skin’s health. Our founders have experienced skin hardship firsthand and thrive to create products that will nurture your natural beauty, while still honouring mother nature. 


Emily, Julia & Camille (From Left)

The idea of healing the skin is what really matters to me in a product. A few years ago I had an accident which resulted in me having burns of first, second and third-degree in different parts of my body including my face and neck. Getting burnt as I did makes you aware of how important your skin is. I lost elasticity and sensation to parts of my neck and I was able to gain a portion of it back only through a thorough skincare routine. Now, you can hardly even tell I was burnt. I am happy that through Banksia cosmetics I can share the importance of skin care and I am also extremely proud that I can do this while supporting another important cause.  
I was never too invested into my skin until I experienced really dry epidermis and hyperpigmentation due to my disease, adrenal insufficiency. I then felt uncomfortable on a daily basis. I am glad that through our products I was able to alleviate my itchiness while still feeding my skin with ingredients that go beyond the exterior look. 
In this day and age everyone strives for perfection, and this includes young people like me. Our intention is to show people that the best version of yourself is the real you. We are not perfect because we are living organisms always adapting to our surroundings just like a banksia plant. Nevertheless, a little nurture always encourages healthiness, and this is what these products do. 
I think skin care is extremely important and it has to start at a young age. Now that I am 78 years young I see what I haven’t and what I have done to my skin in the past. I can speak from experience, everything eventually shows on the surface. From a young age, my mother taught me to take care of my skin and I am hoping that through our skin products I can help others to do the same. 
Being in my 50’s and a mother of three, I have experienced my body changing many times. Every stretch mark, every line, every scar is a symbol of my life journey, and they reveal to the outside world the moments of sadness, of happiness and my resilience.
I am a mother always on the run, between two children and work, I hardly have time to take care of myself, therefore, what I look for in a skin product is simplicity paired with effectiveness. Banksia cosmetics aims to achieve this goal while still taking care of our planet which needs a great deal of love from us. 
Within the company I represent the male perspective, yes a little daunting indeed! I have struggled with my skin, as most young men do, and I am not embarrassed to say I want to take care of my skin. Many brands are gender specific, we developed products that work for everyone, all skin types. Our natural botanicals do not distinguish between male and female, this is the beauty of these products and ingredients. All inclusive!