Naidoc Week- Always Was, Always Will Be

Sunday 8 November marks the beginning of NAIDOC Week, a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, languages and cultures. 

This year’s theme, Always Was, Always Will Be, encourages us to celebrate the true history of our country. We encourage everyone to reflect this week..

This land has been nurtured, respected, lived on by the First Nations Peoples for over 65000 years. Australia’s first storytellers, artists, and explorers. 

It's time to listen and learn from the voices and stories of our First Nations Peoples, one of the oldest living cultures on the planet.

It's time we all genuinely begin to care and respect each other, come together and live and learn, embracing all.

NAIDOC Week is celebrated by local community events taking place across Australia

Let's celebrate together, see what's happening


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